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All eyes Are on Fortnite's Map at The Moment
Would this have happened if nobody had fortnite items  Tilted since the comet's goal? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It is hard to saybut it certainly feels like Epic riffing from this Fortnite community. There's a definite back-and-forth at play, a give-and-take. And it's charming and enjoyable and validating all at once.

Whatever the case, stay tuned for tomorrow's big reveal which I shall post here when it is live. And keep a look out for much more rifts opening up, either swallowing things from the map or depositing them . I will update this post with links to other shows and revelations between today and Thursday when Season 5 falls off.

[Obrazek: 1533168997x1822611413.png]

Fortnite Season 5 begins Thursday, along with the standard suite of fresh challenges for the Battle Pass, fresh character outfits, emotes and dances. Epic has released a slew of teaser pictures to give us a few hints for what is in store, fueling rampant speculation regarding what will in fact be changing. After the current live rocket launch event that disperse dimensional rifts across the map, there's a very clear sign large things are coming to the game, but Epic Games has yet to reveal its hand.

Epic declared on the Fortnite Reddit page a few weeks back the new season begins July 12 at 1 a.m PST/4 a.m. EST for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS), so early risers on the East Coast will find a first glance at the huge changes.

If the changes that came with Season 4 really are any indication, the new challenges and dances are just the beginning of Fortnite's upgrades.

While we do not know for certain what is coming from Season 5, a few of the events occurring in-game seem a lot to do with time travel. The teaser pictures that reveal a Nordic-looking ax that's on top of this post and the Kitsune-looking mask More Fortnite News , could signify that the rifts seen all around the Fortnite map are now portals through time and space.

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