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We want to make it to the page
All choices will be revealed. Stats are composed of DP and AP, just like in the PC version. There will be a new stat called"Affiliation", which BDM Silver will be comparable to"Components". Each skill has an Affiliation and will have skill effects based on its own Affiliation. All your skills with this Affiliation will probably be stronger if you improve a specific Affiliation.

By way of example, if you include the Affiliation"Aal" into the Warrior's Spinning Slash, the skill will deal more damage. Furthermore, if you utilize Aal items, the skill will get even stronger.

In the open field, you can start fishing whenever you find a stone, when you see water and start mining. You are not the one. You hire a few folks to work for you, and buildings will be constructed by them and gather materials for you. They're similar to Employees in the PC model, but are capable of additional tasks.

Whenever there are some attributes that gamers don't really like, but they are able to say"but it is okay", I'll think that the sport is successful.We do not have a fixed schedule. The CBT will start in Feb and we'll decide then on the launch date. The match will be released within a month if there are no issues from the CBT.

Engaging in the story will be more easy with cellular devices. Story telling will not be different, but there will be some differences. Fighting Jordine is going to be a mission instead of a boss fight. The NPC Eileen which you meet during the tutorials might be after you to inform you more about the game. We will make the world using different procedures is engaged in by the players.

The Black Spirit includes a level in the cell edition. When a certain level is reached by the Dark Spirit, you can learn Spirit skills. But the skill does not work exactly the way it does in the PC version. It'll be a skill with its cooldown. We haven't decided about the details yet, although the cooldown is going to probably be 3 to 5 minutes.

We want to make it to the page. We want to be the top 10 too. We are focusing on advertising, but we are expecting the players to spread the word about the sport. We will not work overly hard towards that, although it would be awesome to be a sport.

A MMORPG. [laughs] It is a sport wherein the protagonist travels with a monster known as the Black Spirit. It is a game where you can make your own dream world with a great deal of exciting content. I think it's a sport where players may choose their own route. Content Component Manager: I hope you can appreciate the connections between the content that is different and of the content. I worked hard. Please enjoy the game.

Action Part Manager: As I'm in charge of the action part of this game Mobile Download, I will do my best so you may go through the dynamic action in spite of a little screen.I understand what you're hoping from Black Desert Mobile. I won't neglect to secure you the things which you will produce a really fantastic game, and would like. Please stay with us now and keep supporting us!

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